3 Ways to Stay Grounded this Summer


Are you ready for the summer?

The reason I ask you this question is, that summer can often bring mixed emotions. There is an excitement for beautiful weather, an appreciation for a more relaxed way of being and hopefully time for some adventures. The summer is truly for nourishing the mind, body & soul.

However, let’s also be real… it can come with some levels of stress. Especially if you’re a parent. It’s easy to lose yourself in trying to be everything to everyone. I’ve been there myself.

In the past, I used to have big expectations. I wanted to organize certain areas of my house, complete work projects, prepare some home schooling for the kids to make sure they were ready in September… and the list would go on. Of course, none of these things ever happened. They only added to the pressure I was putting on myself and made me feel guilty.

Here’s what I have found to be helpful in keeping me grounded during the summer months.

Take some time to get clear on what is important for you this summer and then let the rest go. The summer is for replenishing not completing your task list. In one word – simplify.

Adjust your rituals so they reflect the energy of the summer. This is a beautiful time to try new things and really listen to what you feel guided to do. Change up your workouts to incorporate nature. Try a meditative walk. Journal outside by the lake. Switch it up. Have some fun!

Let go of the guilt. Here is the power of truly knowing your priorities – it allows you to let go of the guilt for not doing what really isn’t important to you at this time.

My priorities are very clear for me this summer. Time with my family is at the top of my list. We have some fun trips organized and I plan on cherishing our time together. I have also made a list of important work projects I want to complete – and then I reduced them in half to be sure!

I encourage you to take some time to reflect on your priorities for the next two months. Let the rest go so you can truly savour this special time. You’ll feel replenished and ready to show up fully with your new priorities in September!

Stay calm & healthy my friends. And as always remember to breathe.