A Mindset of Abundance


“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” – Wayne Dyer

This is my favourite quote when it comes to having a mindset of abundance. It represents the idea that abundance is something that already exists within us – it is not a concept that is “out there”. All it requires is a conscious decision to tune into this energy.

Having an abundant mindset applies to every area of life. It is a belief that you have an abundance of love, peace, time, energy, health, money, ideas, confidence, creativity, connections, and so much more.

The opposite to living in abundance is to be in a place of lack or scarcity. Personally, I really notice this when it comes to my body image. I can look at myself in the mirror one day feeling good and loving myself as I am. A few moments later, I can look at the same person in the mirror and see only flaws. The person reflected in the mirror is the same, however, the lens in which I am looking through is different. One comes from love & abundance, the other comes from a place of lack & fear.

So how can we shift and live in abundance? Like everything else, it begins with awareness, acceptance, compassion and a conscious decision to shift your mindset.  You’ll be amazed at what shows up when you focus on ABUNDANCE.