All Moves are the Right Moves✨


“Indecision is the greatest thief of opportunity.” – Jim Rohn

Do you ever feel stuck in your mind unsure of what next steps to take? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the options before you? Or maybe you fear doing the wrong thing? So you stay where you are. In limbo. Waiting for the next right move.

In a recent session of the Sacred Wellness Circle, one of our students shared her new favourite affirmation – All moves are the right moves – just move.The affirmation resonated deeply with everyone in the group. I love when that happens – it’s the beauty of connection. We can all learn from each other.

As humans we are here to expand and grow. We are not meant to be static, but rather always evolving. Feeling stuck actually goes against our nature. Yet, we are so often paralyzed with fear of making the wrong choice that we stay exactly where we are.

This affirmation resonates because it’s a reminder that we can’t really make the wrong move. What I mean by this is, our work is to pay attention to what feels right, take action and then trust. The trust piece helps us understand that even what may look like a “wrong” move is actually here to teach us a valuable lesson or ultimately to lead us where we want to be.

Life is a series of “right” moves and “wrong” moves brilliantly revealing our path along the way.

If you’re feeling stuck in indecision, just move. Let go of the expectation that it needs to be the right move and surrender.

You’ve got this.