Do you have a word for the year?


A New Year gives us the perfect opportunity to pause and reflect on the challenges & successes of the past year. From this perspective, we can embrace “what is” and look ahead to the New Year. It is the perfect time to be intentional with what we wish to leave behind and the energy we want to embody moving forward.

As I’ve shared with you before, I’ve been using a goal setting process for years which was originally inspired by Robin Sharma. I’ve been spending most mornings this week quietly reflecting and creating a vision for the New Year & beyond. It feels good to bring myself to a place of possibilities and allow myself to dream again!

What has become clear with each passing year, is that my spiritual connection is key to reaching my goals. This connection helps me in becoming a conscious creator of my life. The more I slow down and invite presence, the more I listen. I listen to what my body needs and I listen to my intuition which allows me to take inspired action towards my goals. Then comes the best part – I trust that things will unfold exactly as they are meant to be.

Part of my yearly process also involves choosing a word or theme that represents the energy I wish to create for the year. Some words I’ve used in the past have been – trust, ease, elevate, honour, space, energy, fun… there have been many! What I love about having a word for the year is that it’s a great guide for making decisions and choosing priorities. Your word becomes your theme for the year. I highly encourage you to think of a meaningful word for 2022!

This year my word is EXPANSION. If you’ve been to any of my classes or have been part of my coaching programs, you will have heard me use this word a lot. I do believe that we are here as physical beings on this earth to expand – in love, purpose, abundance, presence. There is a lightness in my heart that comes from hearing or saying the word ‘expansion’. This lightness is the feeling I wish to embody in all aspects of my life.

Your word for the year is exactly that – a feeling or energy that you wish to invite more of this year. It’s about the feeling you get when you hear or repeat this word. It’s a personal word that will likely make only sense to you and that is the beauty of it – it is YOUR WORD.

Wishing you peace, health, connection, love & much laughter this year!
Stay calm & healthy my friends. And as always remember to breathe…