Habits vs. Rituals

Is there a difference between habits and rituals?
Habits are an activity that you do consistently. Very often habits are done unconsciously and they can be both good for you or not so good – depending on the habit! I have definitely developed a habit of eating a piece of chocolate after every meal. I don’t even think about it anymore… off I go to get my sweet stuff after I finish a meal🥺 Of course, habits can also be very supportive to your well-being!
Rituals are intentional and can encompass one or more activities (& habits). What I personally love about rituals is that they represent a sacred experience of doing something that is nourishing for my mind, body & soul.
Incorporating rituals helps to add more intention to your life. The beauty is that you can create rituals in so many ways –
✨to begin your day
✨in the evening
✨weekly as a way to be intentional with your week
✨before doing something that is meaningful (I have mini rituals that I do before teaching and coaching which serve to ground me)
✨in your business (this has been so very helpful to me)
Rituals are completely personal and can really elevate the way in which you show up for yourself. I encourage you to take a moment and write down some of the current rituals you have and others you would like to add into your life.
Let’s create intention!