Lessons from Quarantine

It occurred to me this week that there will come a day when we emerge from this quarantine. This seems obvious but as the days and weeks blend together, this way of living has started to almost feel normal. It has made me reflect on the lessons I want to bring with me when we return to our “new normal”. Of course our collective health & economic well-being will be our priority. However, I am also personally looking forward to simple experiences such as – seeing friends again, eating in restaurants, traveling & some in person shopping!

I’m also aware that on a personal level, I’m going to miss certain aspects of quarantine life. Even though I have been working and feeling productive, the pace of life is much slower. There is less structure and more freedom within the context of our situation. I’ve realized that I can still be productive without sacrificing my being. I don’t feel constantly rushed. I am more kind and gentle with myself. When I feel like resting, I rest. There is no guilt and inner voice screaming that I should be doing something. I’ve spent more time with my grown kids then I have since they were very little. I’ve connected with friends online that I haven’t been in touch with for a long time. Now I ask myself how I can continue to embrace this way of being & these more meaningful connections when the external world becomes loud again?

I would love to ask you the same question. What do you want to bring with you from this experience? How can you create a new normal that honours yourself more? Let’s begin this important conversation.