Are you ready to deepen your commitment to your wellness - mind, body, and soul?
Do you want to let go of overwhelm and find calmness and peace within?
Has the time come to finally make yourself a priority?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then the Sacred Wellness Circle is the program for you.



As women, we dedicate much of our lives to making other people happy. We often help our family and friends with their goals, and in time, we begin to lose ourselves in the process of giving. Our wellness and desire to feel good tend to take a backseat to the well-being of others. The more we give our energy away, the more we feel tired, overwhelmed, and less enthused with our own lives. We forget what it’s like to feel vibrant and to live with purpose.

My wellness and spiritual journey has taught me that the way out of this cycle is to come back to YOU. This is done by establishing daily sacred rituals to help you recommit each day to your own wellness. As you feel better, you can create a life of deeper purpose and joy. 

As a spiritual coach, reiki master, meditation and yoga teacher, I have helped many women find more energy and fulfillment in their lives. 

I believe when we bring women together, we deepen our transformation through connection. I’m thrilled and excited to bring you the Sacred Wellness Circle. You too can invite more ease and joy into your life.  

This program is for you if:

  • You are ready to deepen your commitment to yourself
  • You are looking for accountability and support on your journey
  • You recognize that wellness is more than a goal - it’s a way of life
  • You are curious and open to exploring your connection within
  • You want to finally make yourself and your own wellness a priority
Program Cost
Discount for Monthly Members

The Sacred Wellness Circle will help you:

  • Establish daily rituals that create harmony and balance at all levels - mind, body, and soul
  • Stay motivated to be active and fuel your body in a way that increases your energy, allowing you to feel more vibrant
  • Cultivate self-awareness to invite more presence and ease throughout your day
  • Deepen (or begin) your meditation practice to reduce stress and anxiety, and to feel more calmness and peace
  • Keep you accountable to your goals as you honour and make yourself a priority
  • Explore coaching tools to help you find more meaning and purpose in your life
  • Learn ways to cultivate a positive mindset so you stay resilient and mentally strong through challenging times
  • Connect with like-minded women who keep you inspired and focused on your wellness journey
  • Create a vision that supports your higher sense of self so you experience more joy and fulfillment in your life
  • Explore your dharma to stay connected to your purpose and live a life of meaning
  • Finally, embrace wellness as a lifestyle so you can feel your best!

Each month offers a specific intention

  • Month 1: Let Go Let go of what is holding you back from feeling your best
  • Month 2: Commit Establish the foundation for your success
  • Month 3: Thrive Embrace your sacred wellness lifestyle as you create a vision for yourself

Finally make your wellness a priority!

What this 90-day program includes:

  • Bi-weekly zoom group sessions (which include a lesson and accountability)
  • Monthly Q&A live coaching call (optional)
  • Bi-weekly live morning meditations (optional)
  • Private Facebook group
  • 1x 45 min individual coaching call with Renee to offer additional support and to make sure you're on track


  • Access to pre-recorded yoga and meditation classes
  • 30-minute consultation with nutritionist Bonnie Flemington

Zoom Coaching Calls:

Choose between 11am or 6pm:

  • Wednesday Jan 27
  • Wednesday Feb 10
  • Wednesday Feb 24
  • Wednesday March 3
  • Wednesday March 24
  • Wednesday April 7
  • Wednesday April 14 (wrap up session)


Live Q&A Calls:

Choose between 11am & 7pm

  • Monday Feb 1
  • Monday Feb 22
  • Monday March 29
  • Monday April 5

Express 15 min Morning Meditations (7am Mondays & Thursdays)

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