Join the Renée Walker Wellness Community!

All live weekly yoga & meditation classes are offered virtually via zoom. You can purchase a single class, a class pack or an unlimited monthly membership. I look forward to "seeing" you on your mat!

Monthly membership includes:
- unlimited yoga & meditation
- access to recorded yoga classes so that you can practice on your own time
- special pricing for programs & individual coaching
- monthly social

Online Yoga Classes on Zoom:
Tuesday  Warrior Flow 10am
Wednesday Slow Flow 8pm
Thursday Warrior Flow 10am
Friday Slow Flow 10am
Sunday Warrior Flow 10am

Online Meditation Classes on Zoom:

Monday 7am (15 min express meditation)
Tuesday 7pm (45 min reflect & meditate class)
Thursday 7am (15 min express meditation)

To purchase a membership, programs and/or individual classes please click on the link below.

Dates and times are subject to change.

“Thank you for the amazing meditation class night! I knew if I stuck with this journey that there would be a powerful aha! moment… last night was it! I came home energized, woke up energized and feel a sense of freedom that I am embracing and will continue to work with. Thank you!” -- K.C.

Let’s do this. Together.