Setting Boundaries with Work


Are you struggling setting boundaries with work?

So many of us are now working from home. The lines between work life and home life have become very blurry. Personally as a passionate teacher & entrepreneur, I really have to be intentional with setting boundaries or my work completely takes over. The challenge is that I absolutely love what I do so it never feels like “work” – yet what I’ve learned is that I can’t let my output of energy exceed my input or I just keep draining my energy. Ultimately this is not serving me or my work.

Here are some ways to set clear boundaries:

✨anchor your days with a morning and evening routine that center/ground you

✨if possible dedicate a space to your work which lets you mentally walk away from it

✨have specific times dedicated to emails and social media so it doesn’t spill over to every part of your day

And most importantly…

Let’s face it – our phones keep us completely tethered to our work these days… the only way to step away is to cut off the connection. The key thing is to live with intention so you don’t live in reactive mode. You want to BE in control so that work doesn’t control you.