Shining your Light + Summer Solstice


We had a beautiful meditation class last week where we explored what it means to: Be In Your Power. It is very transformational to define what certain energies mean for you. This is part of the integration process or what I call embodiment. You are bringing a learned concept from your mind into your being which helps you create actual shifts.

Being in your power is a choice that you make to honour yourself. It evolves just as you evolve. There is fluidity to being in your power. As always, it begins with self-awareness and continues by making choices that serve the alignment of your mind, body & soul.

Being in your power is also about honouring what makes you unique. Your gifts, talents and the experiences you’ve had shape the person that you are today. Your soul’s purpose is to let your light shine by simply being YOU. And the world needs your light.

I’ve created a Step into your Power guided meditation just for you. You can listen to it whenever you need a reminder of your light. You can find it right here –

The upcoming Summer Solstice on June 21st is also a beautiful way to honour the light that is within you. During the summer solstice we are the closest to the sun. It’s an opportunity to harness this energy intentionally in order to expand your consciousness. It’s also a time that signifies new beginnings which makes it perfect for setting intentions.

I will be guiding a special meditation on the Summer Solstice so that we can tap into this powerful energy. It’s definitely a favourite class of mine! See more below.☀️

Stay calm & healthy my friends. And as always remember to breathe.