The Art of Acceptance

The situation unfolding before us is one that is unprecedented and truly devastating for many, both from a health and economic perspective. It is natural to be experiencing fear, anxiety and stress during this time. There is much uncertainty with seemingly little reassurance being given to us. So how can practicing acceptance relieve any of these feelings?

Meditation offers great insight into the Art of Acceptance. With presence comes awareness – awareness of what is happening within the mind, body and spirit. Acceptance means not trying to change or fix anything in the moment. It means learning the art of allowing and being with what is. As beautiful or as painful as it may be. As you let go of resistance and practice being with what is, it allows you to move through the feeling, ultimately bringing more ease and calm within. I believe that acceptance is an art because it requires practice, patience and at times creative ways to help you stay in the place of being. There is peace in this moment.