The Gift of Time

I had a strange experience the other day. My husband and I were sitting peacefully outside, sipping on a drink, talking about everything and nothing. Our kids were both away for a few days. It occurred to me that we had nothing immediate to do in this moment and no one to look after. Nothing. No one. It was both strange and freeing all at once.

Of course we have had glimpses of this feeling when we have gone away on vacation. However,  this was different. I finally realized that this was no longer a momentary experience but a new reality for us. We have officially entered a new phase. Of course our kids still need us in many ways, but after spending close to 20 years fully dedicated to them, it’s time to come back to us. 

Perhaps if we weren’t living during a global pandemic, we would have been too “busy” to notice what was happening. I’m excited about this next chapter. I’m also slightly nervous because guess what, there are no more excuses to not follow my dreams. I’m taking a deep breath right now and letting that all soak in. Celebrate where you are in this very moment. Life is always evolving. What seems challenging in this moment will be a distant memory in the past. 

What are you excited about?