The Importance of Receiving


As we enter the season of “giving”, here is a gentle reminder to open your heart to “receiving”. We live in a world that emphasizes the importance of giving, which itself is beautiful. However, in order for the energy to flow harmoniously, we must learn to receive just as much as we give.

Receiving means to be open and to allow for love, compassion, kindness & forgiveness to be accepted within your being. This energy can come from others, but most importantly you must learn to give it to yourself.

I recently received a “spiritual spanking” from my teacher! We laughed and coined this new term as she lovingly and firmly reminded me to open my heart to receiving. Here is how the conversation went –

Me: I’m feeling tired & depleted in this moment.
Teacher: That is because you are constantly giving. You need to give the same energy to yourself (receive) as you do to others. Otherwise you are indeed “leaking energy” and you will keep coming back to this place. The more you give, the more important it is do this.

Ouch. I know this. I teach this. Yet there I was.

In order to cultivate peace & balance in our lives, we must bring awareness to this important flow of energy and learn to receive just as much as we give.

This is why morning & evening rituals are so powerful – they are a way to start and end your day by giving to yourself. The more consistent you are in doing this, the stronger & more resilient you become. Remember that the more you give, the more you must receive. I understand this at a deeper level now.

Here are ways to open your heart to receiving:

  • Start to notice and pay attention to your reactions towards receiving
  • The next time someone offers help or a compliment, notice your reaction and then say YES / THANK YOU (even if it is uncomfortable, especially if it is uncomfortable)
  • Make a list of things you can do for yourself that are nourishing (we are having a great time doing this in the Sacred Wellness Circle)
  • Begin & end your day with rituals that fill you up (meditation, movement, journaling, affirmations, walk in nature, favourite cup of tea in silence…)
  • Focus on balancing your heart chakra through meditation or energy healing
  • Keep it light and fun!

Here is to a new season of receiving!