The Power of Vulnerability

“What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.”  – Brené Brown

Do you allow yourself to be vulnerable? I recently shared a post on social media about a moment of sadness that I had experienced. I received many personal messages as a result from people who felt relieved knowing they were not alone in experiencing various “feels”.

I felt inspired to share about my own personal experience when one of my beautiful yogis told us after a yoga class that she was feeling very emotional during her practice. I noticed how immediately we all wanted to comfort her and try to shift her into a more positive space. Yet I knew this was a wonderful opportunity for her to practice being present with the emotions. I encouraged her to let herself simply be with all the feelings. Yoga will often release emotional blocks if you open yourself up to the possibility. I so appreciated her vulnerability in sharing with the class her feelings because in doing so she was giving others permission to do the same.

We connected later and she shared that she was actually feeling emotions of love and gratitude. She had an overwhelming sense of love for her family come through during the practice. How beautiful is that… crying is simply a release. There is tremendous power in allowing ourselves the gift to FEEL.

Similar to my yogi friend, I was recently on a zoom call with my parents and brother (we all live in different provinces so it’s been the only way to see each other the past year). We were connecting and having a great time – everything was good.

Until it hit me straight in the heart – overwhelming sadness. In that moment the reality of our situation felt so intense. It wasn’t just sadness from missing them but sadness for everyone who is suffering. It felt heavy. I did my best to keep the emotions in but left the call shortly thereafter and just cried. I didn’t realize how much pent up emotions I had.

My initial reaction was to go hide in a corner and cry quietly but then I decided to just let it be and let my family witness my sadness. They were a little confused as they saw me happy one moment and crying the next.

The beautiful thing is, the moment passed – as it always does. We associate crying with a negative experience when in fact it’s one of the most cleansing and liberating things we can do. I released a lot of stuck energy that day that I didn’t know was there. This is what happens when we suppress our feelings – the energy gets stuck.

I also believe that I showed my daughter that it’s ok to be sad; which is such an important lesson. The most powerful thing we can do is to let ourselves FEEL. This enables us to move through difficult emotions. I felt so much lighter after my cry. Life felt good again. We had a lovely dinner together. My heart was full of gratitude.

Sometimes what we need is a good cry so that we can move through the sadness into a lighter spirit again. Trust that there is always light on the horizon. As my favourite saying goes – this too shall pass.

Remember that you are not alone. Sending a big energetic hug to you.💛