The Practice of Coming Back


A coaching client recently asked me if I was always happy, positive and calm… the answer was a quick and easy NO. I have my moments like everyone else. I actually would say that I have many moments! The main difference for me now is that my moments are shorter and perhaps not as intense. They don’t take over in the same way that they used to years ago.

As humans we are meant to experience the full scale of emotions – the “good” emotions and the “not so good” emotions. Emotions are there to guide us. Therefore, the heavier emotions also play an important role. They let us know when things aren’t right and can help us to make different and often better choices.

In the past, a situation or experience which would trigger the “not so good” emotions (guilt, fear, overwhelm, anger, resentment, stress) had the potential to throw me off for a period of time. Where I feel different now, is that my recovery period is much quicker. I’m more able to recognize when I’m spiralling into negativity and make a conscious decision to shift my energy.

Like everything else in life, this is a process. One that begins with self-awareness and a commitment to yourself. I like to call it the practice of coming back. In meditation, we learn to recognize when we are pulled away by our thoughts and to come back to our anchor. Life is very similar. It is a practice of recognizing when we have been pulled away from our true nature and to make a conscious decision to come back. Over time, it becomes easier to return to yourself and find your joy again.