Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt


Have you ever noticed how much of your self-doubt comes from looking outside of yourself? One moment you are feeling good about doing something, until you start looking at what other people are doing. You begin comparing yourself. You start to wonder what people will think of you. The self-doubt creeps in. Before you know it, your enthusiasm lessens and you retreat back.

There is a quiet confidence that comes with staying in your own lane. Here is what I know – confidence starts from within. The search for external validation actually takes away your power.

I’ve experienced the most growth in my personal life and in following my own purpose when I have let go of the need for approval. The more you trust in yourself, the more confident you become.

Trust is both a choice and a practice. It requires showing up for yourself consistently. Here are a few ways you can do this –

✨Create space in your day to simply BE
✨Notice & pay attention to your inner voice
✨Learn to practice self-compassion (read more about the RAIN concept here)
✨Invite more awareness by journaling
✨Notice when you are stuck in a cycle of comparison
✨Choose a different story that serves you (affirmations are a great tool)!

Here’s something to remember also – everyone experiences self-doubt. Our brain is basically wired that way. However, your power is in the choice to either let it stop you or choose to move through it.

Feel the self-doubt and choose to show up anyway.