What is holding you back from fulfilling your potential?


I’ve spent the past 17 years of my life actively learning about finding my purpose. For some reason, it’s a subject that completely fascinates me. I’ve always known that deep down there is a reason why I’m here. What I have learned is that part of my purpose is the actual process of figuring this out. It turns out, that it’s not about the end goal at all – but rather about quieting down and listening to what brings me joy. Those are the cues leading me to where I need to be – all in divine timing. Life is indeed about the journey, not the destination.

So what keeps us from listening? It’s quite simple – distractions. The world is so incredibly loud these days with many distractions pulling us away from actually listening to the voice of intuition within.

Between scrolling on our phone, binge watching Netflix, obsessing over the many small decisions that make up part of our day (what to eat, wear, …), social obligations – the list is never ending. What these distractions do is create mental clutter which prevent us from truly being

I recently took a week off social media as an experiment. I wanted to see just how much my social media accounts were taking up my mental energy. It was quite fascinating to observe what was happening internally.  Here are a few lessons I learned from my mini social media detox –

  1. It’s mostly habit – I realized just how often I unconsciously click on the apps on my phone. I would go to make a call and end up clicking on a social media app without thought.
  2. Boredom is a good thing – I spent a lot of my time that week simply being. It took a while to get used to this but the less distracted I was, the more creative & inspired I became.
  3. Special moments are for you – I realized that when something fun or cool happened, I felt instantly pulled to take a photo so that I could share it. By letting that go, I was able to appreciate the moment in a deeper and more fulfilling way.
  4. You have to shake things up – Once in a while, you’ve got to shake things up. Change the routine. Choose a different perspective. Question why & how you do things. By doing this, you release stagnant energy and re-energize yourself.

I invite you to bring awareness to your habits. Before doing something, pause and ask yourself – why? Am I scrolling (eating, watching, reading) to distract myself from my emotions or doing what I truly want to do? Pay attention to what the heart says. Make sure to create quiet moments throughout your day so that you can cultivate this place within you which is connected to your purpose.

It’s pretty remarkable what begins to show up in our lives when we give ourselves the space to listen. As it turns out – part of my purpose is to create the space for others to connect within. I personally believe that is the real benefit of my yoga & meditation classes and coaching programs – it’s about cultivating a space to BE.