Word for the Year

I love to choose a word that represents the energy I wish to create for the year. Some words I’ve used in the past have been – trust, ease, space, energy, fun… What I love about having a word for the year is that it’s a great guide for making decisions and choosing priorities. Your word becomes your theme for the year.
Last year my word was ELEVATE. It came up for me as I wanted to fully appreciate where I was in the present and focus on growing and elevating from this place.
This year I knew that I wanted my word to reflect the ideas of:
🌟living in the flow of life
🌟trusting in abundance
🌟setting boundaries that honour my higher self
The last one is big for me as I have noticed how consumed I can get with my work. I LOVE writing, creating programs, teaching, coaching, brainstorming new ideas… AND I’ve noticed that I can lose myself in the process. Mostly it’s a good thing, sometimes it’s a bit too much.
Here is the word that showed up for me this year – HONOUR.
HONOUR my higher self
HONOUR my health
HONOUR my energy
HONOUR my time
HONOUR my relationships
HONOUR my work
HONOUR my connection to a higher power
What I find fascinating & pretty cool is how your word begins to infiltrate into every area of your life.
What about you? What is your word? What are you choosing to honour this year?