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Spiritual wellness services to help you feel your best—in mind, body, and soul.

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Reclaim Your Relationship With Self Through The Wellness Membership.

The Wellness Membership is an online yoga and meditation membership created to nurture self-connection and help you cultivate present-moment awareness with live and on-demand classes.

Experience the connection and accountability of an in-person studio from the convenience of your own living room, and deepen your spiritual practice alongside a community of soul-inspired women saying “yes” to their spiritual growth.

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Discover More Ways to Honour Yourself

1:1 Spiritual Coaching

Release self-limiting beliefs, step into your authenticity and confidently express your true essence with personalized guidance and support.

Awakened Soul Circle Group Coaching

Feel seen, heard, and supported as you deepen your self-awareness, explore your purpose, and gain the confidence to live a soul-led life within our compassionate virtual coaching circle.

Reiki & Energy Healing

Reduce stress and realign your energy with Reiki healing (or get certified to help others do the same).

Yoga and Meditation

Quiet your mind, connect with your body, and awaken your soul with the virtual membership.

Hi, I’m Renée

Yoga instructor, meditation teacher, Reiki master, and spiritual life coach on a mission to help you reconnect to your inner wisdom and step fully into your power.

I’m a passionate student of life who has been on a spiritual journey for more than two decades. As a teacher, my role is to help you find the answers within yourself. I’m here to share what I’ve learned along the way and hopefully guide you toward your own truth.

In my world, it’s all about raw, real and unfiltered self-expression. Because I don’t believe this journey is about striving for perfection (that would be impossible!). It’s about learning how to show up and shine your light amidst the chaos of life and so-called imperfections.

Learn to Meditate with Confidence

The Intro to Meditation course will teach you foundational, easy-to-understand practices and techniques to quiet the mind and bring your full awareness to the present moment. This place of silence and stillness is where inspiration and infinite possibilities are born. It’s where you discover your inner nature. Ready to start weaving more mindfulness into your life? Enroll in this beginner-friendly course today.

For more self-paced courses, visit the course library.

My gift to you…

Download Your Free Meditations

Imagine how empowered you would feel in your daily life if you knew you could draw upon your own vessel of inner peace at any time. I created this approachable meditation series to help you…

Release stress

Build resilience

Cultivate calm

The practice of meditation goes far beyond sitting in stillness and quieting your mind, it allows you to transform old habits and cultivate present-moment awareness so you can show up in your life with intention.

The journey back to yourself begins with small, mindful changes. These free, bite-sized meditations meet you exactly where you are. Sign up today to receive your…

Breath & Healing Meditation

Gratitude Meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation

Chakra Alignment Meditation

Mantra Meditation

Return to Your True Essence

No matter where you are on your journey, you are capable of releasing whatever is keeping you from feeling your best and allowing your higher self to guide your life. Together, we can discover what lights you up so you can finally give yourself permission to shine.

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