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I believe energy is at the centre of everything. Bringing awareness to your energy allows you to release what no longer serves you - in turn, living with more ease and calm within.

Let’s do this. Together. 

Renee Walker

As a certified meditation teacher, yoga instructor, reiki master, and spiritual life coach, I am deeply passionate about helping you align and elevate your energy level. My purpose is to guide you towards peace while empowering you to discover your inner strength.

I have spent the last 18 years of my life committed to my spiritual growth. What I have learned is that the more connected I am to self - through daily practices & rituals, the more I’m able to show up authentically with a sense of ease & peace within. I design each meditation & yoga class and coaching program with this in mind. My intention is to create a space which helps you strengthen and deepen your connection to your mind, body & heart so you can truly feel your best from the inside out. As a bonus, we do this together in a community of heart centred souls. 

It’s time to come back to YOU. Let’s do this!

With love & light,