...is a form of energy healing which helps to align and balance your energy.

A Japanese technique for stress reduction and healing, Reiki has been gaining popularity in the Western world. This gentle form of healing helps to align and balance your energy.

If you're looking to enter a deep state of relaxation, reduce stress, and ultimately feel more peace and calm within, then Reiki is for you. My approach is unique, as I incorporate my training as a meditation teacher and spiritual life coach to help deepen your experience.

Personally, Reiki has helped me deal with feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed. This energy tool is now a part of my daily practice, and I'm forever grateful for the peace it's brought into my life.

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Reiki Principles:

Just for today...

  • I will not worry
  • I will not be angry
  • I will work honestly
  • I will be grateful
  • I will be kind to others


My journey with Renée has been nothing but enlightening.  

I participate in Renée’s yoga classes on a weekly basis and when I learned that she also offered Reiki I immediately had to try it. I have had a few sessions with her and already I can feel the change in mindset and overall wellbeing. I actually could feel things shifting during and after my treatment. I have a sense of calm and balance, like never before. She really does set you up for success. As I continue to see Renée, I remove one layer at a time to make peace with my past.

Renée is honest, kind and caring. She is genuinely a lovely soul. She exemplifies the three P’s: professional, passionate and positive. Renée is unquestionably a strong, enthusiastic, exceptional professional, mentor and friend. I would highly recommend Renée to anyone. She is “best in class” 

Forever grateful --Kim T.

Let’s do this. Together.