It's been just over 15 years since I was invited to join a life coaching group. At the time, my kids were young, and to be honest, I signed up because I needed some time for myself. I could have never imagined the impact this group and coaching would have on my life. It was the beginning of my spiritual journey.

Using this time as an opportunity to reflect, I began asking myself deep questions and slowly started to peel back layers of unconscious programming that had been built over time.

Since that first group meeting, I have worked with many coaches - both individually and in a group setting. Each experience has offered another level of awareness, allowing me to grow and step into my power.

Within us, there is an incredible potential waiting to be unleashed. And through spiritual life coaching, you can dig deep to unveil what really matters to you - a key step in living life to the fullest. 

As your coach, I help you create a safe space to let go of your ego and connect to your higher self. The world needs you to step up and shine your bright, beautiful light.

“They say that your presence is the best gift you can give someone and you will experience that for yourself when you work with Renée. During coaching sessions I felt heard, validated and together we discovered some habitual ways of being that weren’t serving me. I never felt judged and always left with a sense of calmness, new direction, and uplifted. Renée embodies wisdom, kindness and she gently guided me to a much better space.” -- Shelley D

Let’s do this. Together.