I believe energy is at the centre of everything. Bringing awareness to your energy allows you to release what no longer serves you - in turn, living with more ease and calm within.

Physical, mental and, spiritual energy is the fuel you need to show up fully for yourself and others. With your energy aligned, you'll discover the part of you that's been longing to be expressed and can finally begin to live from a place of meaning & purpose.

After graduating from the University of Ottawa with an Economics degree, I worked at Merrill Lynch Canada running Women and Wealth workshops. My goal then was to empower women to navigate the complex world of investing. After becoming a mom close to 20 years ago, my focus shifted to finding fulfillment in all areas of life. I’ve been blessed to be on this incredible journey of self-discovery with my husband of 20 years and two teenage children by my side.

I am a self-proclaimed spirit junkie and passionate student of life. My curiosity has me constantly seeking and learning ways to find more peace and ease in my life, whether through reading, taking classes, or training certifications.

Today as a meditation teacher, yoga instructor, reiki master, and spiritual life coach, I am deeply passionate about helping others align and elevate their energy level. My purpose is to guide you towards peace while empowering you to discover your inner strength.

I am honoured and thrilled that you are here!

Let’s do this. Together.

Renée’s guidance as a Meditation Teacher & Spiritual Life Coach has been a gift in my life. She created a calm, grounded and intuitive foundation for our sessions and held a safe space for me to explore what came up. Renée expertly guided our sessions with wisdom, curiosity and compassion and her coaching has helped me find clarity for my path in life.  -- Vanessa W.  

Let’s do this. Together.