...a union of the mind, body and soul.

Yoga is so much more than a physical workout to me. It became a spiritual practice after a back injury, leading me on a path to teaching. I am so grateful for my yoga practice both on and off the mat. It’s truly my happy place. There are many benefits to yoga which include improved flexibilty, increased strength & endurance and above all - it helps you find a place of calm and peace within.

I currently offer a variety of virtual yoga classes including more challenging yoga warrior flow classes with poses for balance, strength and endurance. Our popular yoga stretch classes offer a stretch based practice with a mindful restorative component. The goal of every yoga class is to create space in the mind, body & heart to ultimately feel your best. 

Classes can be purchased individually, in a class pack or as part of our popular monthly membership which includes unlimited access to live classes and to a library of on-demand classes. 

Online Yoga Classes on Zoom:
Tuesday  Warrior Flow 10am
Wednesday Slow Flow 8pm
Thursday Warrior Flow 10am
Friday Slow Flow 10am
Sunday Warrior Flow 10am

14 Day Free Trial.

Try a Free 14 Day Trial to find your perfect fit of classes. Join one class or try them all - this trial also gives you access to a library of on-demand classes. You choose what works best for you. Let’s do this!


Yoga with Renée is an experience everyone needs.  No matter what’s happening in my life and the world around us, I always look forward to my time on the mat with Renée because I feel relaxed, calm and refocused afterwards.  Of course there’s the added benefit of all the wonderful things yoga has to offer…increased flexibility, protection from injury and increased muscle strength…but it’s really Renée’s energy, warmth and kindness, and the beautiful souls who I’ve met in her practice, that draw me back again and again. --Gertrude V.

Let’s do this. Together.